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Joining Sales Huddle

Thank you for your interest in joining Sales Huddle. I'm excited to meet you. We are building a special place for salespeople and I'm excited to have you be a part of it. 

With the increase in interest, I've found having a standardization application process helps to identify a correct mutual fit by clearly states what Sales Huddle is, how it works, and help you to understand what to expect, what will happen and what you're committing to. We are not an exclusive or invite-only community, but we are a vetted community. We've found the vetting process useful to ensure it's a mutual fit for both parties. 


Here's how the process works

  1. Watch the video below. I'm going to ask you a number of questions about yourself and why you'd like to join, so I'd like to share more about me, my story, and the story of Sales Huddle.

  2. Fill out the 14 questions. 

  3. I'll respond within 2 business days after submission with an answer and explanation. 

  4. If it's a yes, I'll send you the link to book your first 3 Sales Huddles. 

  5. If I'd like to clarify something, we will set up a time to talk with 30 minutes. 

The Sales Huddle Story

Application is here

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