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First Member Spotlight - Jeff Kirchick on Authentic Selling - Tuesday 2/23 at 12pm EST

I'm excited to announce our first member spotlight with Jeff Kirchick on Tuesday the 23rd from 12pm to 1pm EST. RSVP here.

The best part of Sales Huddle is the amazing community we have built full of amazing people. While Sales Huddles are a great and necessary space to get help and help each other on the challenges we all face, I also want to share our wins and what we’re amazing at with others.

The member spotlight is a place to share those skills, and Jeff is doing the first one.

Jeff Kirchick is a Sales Huddle member and is the VP of Enterprise Sales at Next Caller and recent author of the book "Authentic Selling: How to Use the Principles of Sales in Everyday Life," now available on Jeff will be discussing 3 themes, followed by a discussion:

  1. How to show vs tell something to a customer.

  2. How he’s found the customer is not always right. How, when, and when to say ‘no’ to them.

  3. How to get a "yes" before THE "yes" to get buy-in early in the sales process without doing a POC or demo.

I'm excited about hosting Jeff for many reasons, here are four:

  1. Jeff works on large deals. I've never closed a deal worth $500k/year+ with a large corporation. There's a lot that I want to learn from Jeff.

  2. I think what Jeff's talking about can be applied to any sales situation.

  3. I also find him to be consistently frank, honest, and clear. When Jeff speaks, I listen.

  4. I loved the messages, insights from his book, and thought the illustrations perfectly capture.

The goal:

  1. Jeff will discuss each, why it’s important, when he uses it, and how.

  2. The goal is that you’ll walk away with a practical application for these skills in your sales process and an idea of how, when, and why to incorporate them.

  3. You’ll have time to clarify questions with Jeff.

The member spotlight format:

  1. 20 people limit

  2. 1 hour: 5 minute intro —> 30 minute presentation —> 20 minute discussion —> 5 minute closing.

  3. It'll start on time and end on time. Late joiners won't be allowed.

Why are we having a spotlight? How is it different than a Sales Huddle? Will this be regular? Can I do one?

Each of you is where you are because you are talented, have put in the work, developed a skill set, and put those skills to work. I want to showcase those skills more.

A spotlight is more of a 1way presentation, yet there will be a discussion at the end. The focus is more on showcasing the talents of an individual member: what works, why, when, and how.

If you’d like do a spotlight, send me a note.

Nothing is formal, the Sales Huddle is still be the core thing that Sales Huddle does and I expect to keep doing them when the interest is there.

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