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Interview: Generating net new prospect meetings with Michael Phelan

This is an interview with a Sales Huddle member Michael Phelan from Go-to-Market Pros where we discussed Michael's finding on what top reps actually do to book meetings with net new prospect meetings.

What I enjoy and appreciate most is Micahel's perspective and advice is real, human, honest, and helpful approach to sales that's based on real data.

My favorite part of the interview is at minute 16 through the end of the interview, this is where we got into a lot of specific examples of what successful reps are using to net new prospect meetings.

We are hosting a special themed Sales Huddle about Getting Prospecting Meetings in a Pandemic on Thursday, April 24th at 12pm - 1pm EST.

If you're a Sales Huddle member you can already you, if you'd like to join Sales Huddle, the signup page is here.

Topics we discussed

[Minute 2] We discussed the two most common ways Michael works with sales team: moderated sales meetings and the net new prospect audit.

[Minute 8:20] A review of what Michael finds in his audits when he speaks with the top 25 reps and audits how they go their last 100 meetings.

[Minute 11:30] How one company created a programmatic tool for sales reps by allow reps to have their customers decide where their charity money went.

[Minute 12] Why the best reps look at everything, use everything and do not follow a specific playbook and rarely use content marketing.

[Minute 15] Advice for sales leaders on how to approach and work with top reps versus middle reps.

[Minute 16] Thought reps do not tend to use content marketing, Michael discussed what he find they actually use with a bunch of great examples

[Minute 21:30] How reps are relating things to COVID to help customers or potential customers

[Minute 26:45] Michael discusses why prospects are more available than every right now and how also sales is the most afraid they're ever been and how to deal with this

[Minute 31:00] The 3 types of sales leaderships Michael sees during the pandemic.

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