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Last step, confirm a date

Please read these 8 Group Agreements and then RSVP for a specific Open Sales Huddle date 

It's important that you read and understand these agreements before joining. These ensure each Sales Huddle run smoothly with honesty and clarity. If you cannot, or would not like to, agree to these, it's best to not join. 

8 Group Agreements for Each Sales Huddle

  1. Show up on time. A few minutes early is best, late joiners won't be allowed. I commit that meetings will start on time and end on time. I ask you to commit to the same.  

  2. Honesty. Ask for what you want, focus on a specific challenge you are facing.  Everything in Sales Huddle is self-directed, this is your work, you need to help us, help you. 

  3. We do not give unsolicited advice, coaching, or training. Provide your perspective, when asked. We provide help and support for folks that ask for it based on our direct experience,

  4. Discourse and disagreement without judgement. We encourage a diverse set of opinions and disagreements. We share our thoughts without judgement towards the statements, actions, or perspectives of other members' statements. 

  5. Respect the moderator. If you're asked to cut your conversation short to keep on schedule, please do so. It's not personal. 

  6. 100% presence, video on, no background noise. Presence is an element that makes Sales Huddles special and brings value to all. We show up with video on and background noise to a minimum and be 100% present in the meeting. If you have something better to do, do that!

  7. Confidentiality. What we share here stays here.  

  8. Ghosting will not be tolerated, if you cannot make it, cancel. If you RSVP for a Sales Huddle and cannot make it, that's okay, please cancel beforehand. Each Huddle is limited in seats, so you may be taking a seat from someone else. Ghosting will be warned at first and if it continues you'll not be allowed to join in the future. ​

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